And for the serious stuff... I am currently certified through Yoga Alliance (200Hr RYT), having received training from Laura Urgelles and Dhyana Delatour at the Yoga Fusion Studio in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  I have been consistently practicing Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga for more than a decade. I work with students in both group and private settings to build and grow their yoga practice, and to find the joy in their practice! 

If you are ready to feel more awareness of your body, calm in your mind, and balance in your step, you can contact me for private yoga lessons, group classes, and workshops.  My time with you is truly your time, giving you the space and guidance to discover and explore yoga as it is meant for you!

Why Happy Earth? I love the idea that my own increased awareness in space and time can only bring more good to our world - our earth. I am proud to join together the two things that I personally need to create harmony in my life: my love of yoga + awe and respect for nature. I feel these two intuitively go together, and work to find this connection in everything I do - from the classes I teach to the events I support.

About Happy Earth Yoga

I am a dancer...   I am a runner...  I am a Yogi...  I am a Momma...  I am a soul-searching blue bird...   I am a curry leaf addict...  I am funny (at least, I think I am!).

My personal experiences with yoga and dance drive me to give others the tools to create the amazing self-connection and sense of peace that comes with a regular yoga practice. As well, I honestly believe that we can all benefit from having better awareness of our bodies while building strength and balance to help us through our daily lives.

What can you expect from a class with me.....

Feeling your feet, rooting down into the ground to create stability and strength, conscious breathing (a lot of breathing!), laughter, slow transitions from pose to pose, holding poses to dig in and feel a little deeper (where the good stuff is!), and always, always - smiles and peacefulness. 

Who am I?

Barb Nagaraj
Owner and Instructor

​Happy Earth Yoga is a small, unique, local yoga business in Eldersburg, Maryland, dedicated to sharing what I believe to be the essence of yoga: an every-day approach to mindful movement to create balance and joy in our lives.