"I wanted to say thank you so much for all the yoga classes at Gold's and that you will be missed! When I first took your class I was taking free yoga classes at all the local gyms since I was new to the area. I had a 3 month old and the whole pregnancy thing took a huge toll on my body so I was more than anxious to try to get back to normal (sill not there yet!). I really thought that I was going to have to join a yoga studio or Lifetime which had a much higher rate than what I could afford at the time. Then I took your class and didn't have to search further. I signed up with Gold's immediately after. I was surprised that such a good class was offered through the gym. I had taken yoga at gyms in San Diego for about 10 years and I loved my teachers, but none of them went to the difficulty levels that you do. 

I just wanted to send this note of thanks because I wanted to let you know that you affect so many people by being a teacher.  Thank you!!! ~ Heather M., New Mom, MD
"A huge thanks to Stacey for spending time with me over the course of the last several months.  I have taken yoga classes in the past, and never truly felt that I belonged.  I am a marathon runner and rarely take the time to stretch and practice flexibility.  When attending yoga classes in the past, I felt they were a waste of my time and that my body was not made to bend those ways.  I was actually told from another yoga instructor that I should stay in a beginner class for a long, long time.  Being a competitive/athletic person, this almost made me throw in my yoga mat, until I took one of Stacy’s yoga classes.  Stacey was not like your typical yoga instructor.  She made me feel comfortable right from the start and when she noticed I struggled with certain positions, she always suggested modifications.  It was the first time, I felt confident with my yoga practice.  I wanted to learn more from Stacey, so I purchased one-on-one yoga sessions with her.  This was the best money ever spent!  Stacey assessed my situation and tailored a yoga routine to meet my specific needs.  I have been working with Stacey for about 2 months and have seen a big difference in all areas of my practice.  The best part of working with Stacey privately, is that I get the individual attention and the instruction on how to do poses correctly.  I can now transfer this knowledge over to other group classes.  Thanks Stacey for making me more aware of the importance of flexibility, creating a personalized routine for me to do on my own, and the awareness and balance I am able to transfer to other areas of my life!! " ~Jenn C., Potomac, MD
“Staceys’ teaching is educating and inspiring as well as challenging. Working with her transformed my practice.” ~ Susanne K., Chef, Kensington, Maryland
"I learned about happy earth yoga by taking a class with Stacey at my my gym & the class was so unique that I decided to take her 6 Week Course right away! Advanced poses were taught in a simple way. The class is beyond the 'doing' and focuses on increasing body awareness. It's meditative & I truly enjoy the positive calm feeling after it." ~ Juliana S., Phd, Rockville, Maryland
“I’ve always wanted to try yoga, but could never find the time.  Stacey has been very patient & encouraging, giving me yoga lessons. For an old guy like me, who still has trouble distinguishing between my right & left, she has been unbelievably helpful enhancing my flexibility, and mobility. As a runner, this has greatly reduced my nagging aches and pains. The meditation component of the classes has brought my stress levels way down, which in and of itself I find remarkable. Stacey gets my highest praise & recommendation as a yoga instructor. If anyone is even mildly interested in yoga, Stacey is the go to lady!” ~Larry Rosenblum, CPA, Boyd's, MD
"I am an avid runner and long distance bike rider so I am always in training for some upcoming event.  I have wanted to try yoga for years, knowing that the benefits of it will help me in both areas.  Working with Stacey has definitely increased my flexibility and has also allowed me work on my focus and concentration while training.  As a newcomer to yoga, I appreciate her patience, knowledge and experience and it has definitely turned me into a convert !!!" ~Karen Craney, Pupil Personnel Worker, Poolesville, MD
"Stacey worked with us to bring yoga classes to our place of employment. She's flexible in more ways than one." ~Jerome F., High School Math Teacher, Washington, DC.
This was by far, a very sensual experience, thanks so much!! ~Shreya P., Rockville, MD (regarding Yoga and Chocolate)
"I have been taking yoga since early 2008 in order to stay flexible and injury free with my weightlifting. After Stacey began teaching yoga at my gym, she has taken them to another level by providing thorough, detailed explanation and demonstration of various yoga poses. Additionally, she makes every effort to listen to suggestions and concerns of her students and incorporate them into her teaching. As a result of taking yoga with Stacey, I have noticed increased flexibility, better mental concentration and better natural strength, all of which helped me have better control of lifting and gain more confidence with achieving my fitness goals." ~ Kevin L., Sales & Marketing Manager, Rockville MD
"I received the Yoga for Weight Loss document -all six pages!  Thank you so much!  I am going to try to start practicing at home, too - as I feel so much better physically and mentally.   Thank you for what you do - Stacey - you make a difference!" ~ Dianne B., Special Education Resource Teacher, Gaithersburg, MD
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