Private instruction, ayurvedic focused private lessons and lifestyle coaching

Work one-on-one with the owner of GLOW, Stacey Latus. Private instruction is useful in developing a home practice and in learning to adapt group class postures to serve your individual needs. Useful for individuals who want to practice yoga at home or those who have special health concerns or injuries.
“I’ve always wanted to try yoga, but could never find the time.  Stacey has been very patient & encouraging, giving me yoga lessons. For an old guy like me, who still has trouble distinguishing between my right & left, she has been unbelievably helpful enhancing my flexibility, and mobility. As a runner, this has greatly reduced my nagging aches and pains. The meditation component of the classes has brought my stress levels way down, which in and of itself I find remarkable. Stacey gets my highest praise & recommendation as a yoga instructor. If anyone is even mildly interested in yoga, Stacey is the go to lady!” ~Larry Rosenblum, CPA, Boyd's, MD
Common goals of private instruction
  • Home Practice Development:Students frequently want to practice yoga more often than they can come to group classes. Practicing at home is a useful and cost effective supplement to group classes at the studio. A home practice consultation includes evaluation of your personal goals, strategizing how to make your practice consistent, and a written practice plan. Stacey guides you through the practice once so you leave familiar with how to practice on your own safely and effectively. Home practice consultations are most effective when done in conjunction with group yoga classes
  • Personalized Yoga Coaching: Group class students frequently benefit from personalized help to deepen their yoga practice. Coaching sessions include feedback on how to properly perform yoga postures and adaptations for the client's individual goals and body. Students who have attended coaching sessions report that the sessions help them make huge strides in improving their yoga practice.
  • Special Needs Instruction: Some individuals have needs that are not met by group classes. Stacey works one on one with students who have a variety of needs. Examples of past client issues include: stress management, sports training, managing menopausal symptoms, arthritis, infertility, cancer recovery, Cerebral Palsy, and Multiple Sclerosis. Stacey also works with individuals with neck, back, and other acute and chronic physical injuries. Special needs instruction is best when done in a series of at least 4 sessions. Many students have a workable plan after 4 sessions. Others prefer to continue working one on one with Stacey indefinitely.
"I am an avid runner and long distance bike rider so I am always in training for some upcoming event.  I have wanted to try yoga for years, knowing that the benefits of it will help me in both areas.  Working with Stacey has definitely increased my flexibility and has also allowed me work on my focus and concentration while training.  As a newcomer to yoga, I appreciate her patience, knowledge and experience and it has definitely turned me into a convert !!!" ~Karen Craney, Pupil Personnel Worker, Poolesville, MD
All private yoga sessions are done in the comfort of your own home or office.
"A huge thanks to Stacey for spending time with me over the course of the last several months.  I have taken yoga classes in the past, and never truly felt that I belonged.  I am a marathon runner and rarely take the time to stretch and practice flexibility.  When attending yoga classes in the past, I felt they were a waste of my time and that my body was not made to bend those ways.  I was actually told from another yoga instructor that I should stay in a beginner class for a long, long time.  Being a competitive/athletic person, this almost made me throw in my yoga mat, until I took one of Stacy’s yoga classes.  Stacey was not like your typical yoga instructor.  She made me feel comfortable right from the start and when she noticed I struggled with certain positions, she always suggested modifications.  It was the first time, I felt confident with my yoga practice.  I wanted to learn more from Stacey, so I purchased one-on-one yoga sessions with her.  This was the best money ever spent!  Stacey assessed my situation and tailored a yoga routine to meet my specific needs.  I have been working with Stacey for about 2 months and have seen a big difference in all areas of my practice.  The best part of working with Stacey privately, is that I get the individual attention and the instruction on how to do poses correctly.  I can now transfer this knowledge over to other group classes.  Thanks Stacey for making me more aware of the importance of flexibility, creating a personalized routine for me to do on my own, and the awareness and balance I am able to transfer to other areas of my life!! ~Jenn C., Potomac, MD





Studio - $120

Home - $150

To schedule a private lesson with Stacey, please contact her.


Individual Program Design - An Ayurvedic Perspective

Translated as the "science of life," Ayurveda is an ancient healing science originating in India more than 5,000 years ago with a continuous lineage and practice. Ayurveda's teachings are centered upon the harmony between your mind, body and spirit as an equilateral relationship mediating how we interact with the world. It is truly an art of daily living that creates harmony on all levels of being physical, energetic and spiritual.
Doshas are three energetic principles that govern psychophysiological response and pathological changes. Ayurveda identifies three basic types of energy or principles that are present in everyone and everything. These principles have specific qualities and attributes and are labeles as doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Private 5 Week Session (in home only)

Stacey will create a 5 week personal practice designed specifically for you using:

  • Ayurveda (ancient Indian science)
  • Pranayama (breathing)
  • Asana (poses)
  • Meditation

You will meet with Stacey once a week (1 hour) over the 5 week period to check progress and for adjustments to program. (the first week you meet twice)

This program is for people looking to feel better and see improvements - quickly.

Whether you need to heal physically (injury, chronic pain), emotionally (stress, anxiety, depression) or spiritually, this is the program for you! You must be able to commit to practicing on your own at home at least 4 days per week.

Initial Consultation (1 hour)+ first session (1 hour): $140

Next 4 sessions: $95 each or you may pay for all 4 at once: $360 (5% discount)

You may also pay for the entire program: $468 (10% discount)


For more information, please contact us.


New Client Form

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Private Lesson Form

Dosha Questionnaire

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To schedule a session or to inquire about packages, call or contact us.

Do you know what Michael Jordan and Anthony Robbins have in common?

They have both had personal coaches that helped them reach their peak potential. Masters in all fields have always had coaches. It is what sets the average apart from theextraordinary. That one on one time with someone who holds the answers to your questions is invaluable.
Now, if you're like most people, you may be thinking, "Yeah, but I can't afford a personal Lifestyle coach." And if that is the first thought in your mind, you're probably right. And that will always be true for you as long as you maintain that same thought pattern.
You see, the difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is just a little bit EXTRA. So, perhaps you invest in a coaching or healing session instead of going out to a dance club or expensive dinner. A little change of spending habits (INVESTING in yourself vs. spending) can help you to create the type of abundance in your life where you will never have to worry about money again.
*You may finally attract the mate you have been dreaming about.
*And the career you wished you had may suddenly fall into your lap.
*You may find yourself *losing weight, *sleeping better at night, *becomming more flexible more rapidly, *decreasing neck, shoulder and back pain or any other goals you are wishing to acheive.
Hiring a private coach will get you to your next level and push you beyond your comfort zone so you can excel in life.

What do you do if the person you'd love to have as your coach isn't local to you or you are too busy to get together in person?

That's where I come in, courtesy of the amazing advances in online technology. Although I might not be able to physically meet with you one on one, I can coach you through yoga, meditation, health, business, mental mastery and lifestyle by email, video, or live on Skype!

What is a lifestyle coach, and how can you help me?

A Personal Lifestyle Coach is someone you can count on to help you to get to the next level and to move past your current limitations, whatever they may be. We work together setting goals for your life and setting attainable bench marks along the way. I give home-work assignments for you to work on throughout the week and when we reconnect for our weekly session, we will go over what worked, what challenges you faced and how to break through to the next level of your life. 

Coaching in Person

We would get together for 2-3 hours in my studio or in your home 4 times per month (once per week, up to 12 hours per month) to work on yoga, nutrition and other life topics. We can create a customized practice together and work on other health related issues.

Coaching by Email

If you have detailed questions about an aspect of your life that requires input, I can arrange to email you an equally detailed plan of approach. Whether you want to know the steps to achieve a healthier lifestyle, need tips on how to quiet down your monkey mind, or want a customized yoga sequence, I can help you out. 

Yoga and Fitness Coaching by Video

Are you stuck trying to figure out a yoga pose or sequence? If you have access to a video camera, you can film yourself and I can guide you to the next level or let you know some areas that need fine tuning by filming my own version to give you a visual aid. I can also create a customized yoga sequence for you based on your needs or physical limitations. 

Coaching by Skype, FaceTime or Gmail

Sometimes live is the best way to go! However, with the creation of Skype, a free downloadable video chat program (get it here), live takes on a whole new meaning! Working around your schedule, I can set up a video chat with you where we can discuss whatever aspect of your life is on your mind. I can guide you through your nutrition choices, weight loss blocks, yoga questions, or any other coaching point that needs help. It's one-on-one and the next best thing to sitting with me in person!

Currently, and for a limited time, TRAIN WITH STACEY -below you will find a list of training/coaching options:

(each item on the list can be combined with others on the list to create a comprehensive and transformational program)

1). Yoga- (all levels) Fine tune alignment and work on advancing your practice (highly asana based)

2). Yoga- Restorative: help those with limitations due to disability, injury and illness to heal and restore balance and vitality (asana, diet, meditation and healing arts based) 

3). Diet- 3 stage Total Transformation diet with optional week long detox program (diet and detox) with in depth explainations about how fat loss works, the science behind this and how you can optimize your metabolism with a simple to follow plan and achieve maximum results

4) Meditation, Breathwork and Visualization- for mental clarity, enhance intuitive skills and create a new vision for your life (silence, guided, yoga nidra, breathwork, and visualization practices will be shared for you to practice at home) 

5). Business and Life Coach- are you seeking direction with your career or current life path? Stacey will guide you with specific techniques and real life homework assignments for you to align with your life purpose and move toward your highest potential in your career path or dharma. 

Your options include: 

1. One-on-One
2. Video Chat (skype) 
3. Email Support
4. Phone Consultation
5. Video Consultation (custom created for your specific needs)
6. Home work assignments with follow up and feedback

I understand you are interested in being the best version of yourself humanly possible. For that reason, I have created several customized program packages for you to select from, to maximize our time together and to help you achieve your dreams and goals. 

**Statistically, people who follow a program, for 21-30 days minimum will experience a shift in habit patterns and new habits will become ingrained into your neural network. For that reason, I can only accept clients who are committed to a minimum of 1 month time periods and who are serious about making changes in your life.



1 Month Coaching with Stacey: $500 per month (includes 4 in person or multi-media options selected from the list above - Four 2-3 hour sessions per month).

Customized and Personalized Video Consultation $100 for each (custom created for your specific needs and to answer your specific questions), I will create a coaching video (5-10 minutes in length) for your specific goals and needs, send it to you and you can download it and keep it to review as often as you like.

For more information feel free to contact me.

Ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you.

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