Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Vegan and Fertility Cooking Lessons

Stacey gives private hands-on lessons taught in students' homes by appointment. Students select from a preset menu of dishes. 3 dishes prepared in a 1 1/2 - 2 hour session.

Stacey was a raw vegan chef at Spirit in NYC and a private chef in London.

Conventional Produce: $75 per person.

Certified Organic produce (Recommended and each person in group must choose in order to receive this option): $85 per person.

Price includes lesson, all food, and clean up. Minimum 2 people per lesson.

Types of Cuisine

Raw Vegan

Click here to download the menu.

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"Thanks Stacey and Ed for an amazing cooking class…you two make a terrific team.  Stacey, you were so organized and made the cooking process seamless, while Ed cleaned all of the dishes!  The meal was amazing and it was nice spending time with the both of you.  Thanks again for all of the cooking tips, tricks, and suggestions.  When Larry came home that evening, he was excited to try everything (even though he is not vegan!)…..he says thanks for an amazing meal too!!!!!
On another note, within the same week, I had the confidence after taking your cooking class to make homemade ravioli and a vegan chocolate cake.  If it hadn’t been for your cooking demonstration, I would have never ventured to make homemade ravioli on my own…..I will definitely call on you again for future veggie cooking classes!!" ~Jenn C., Potomac, MD

"We had a good time preparing the dishes with you and your husband.  Thank you for sending us the recipes.  We really enjoyed learning how to make the ravioli from scratch and are eager to make the pomegranate cheesecake again." ~Tony C., Rockville, MD
"Ken and I had a GREAT time. It was really informative for us and helpful. In fact we made a Indian Rice Pilaf with Tofu for dinner Saturday and we loved how the tofu and everything turned out. Im also making a wheat seitan stew this week too! Thank you so much for helping us think outside of the box. You guys did such a great job thank you again " ~Marie G., Gaithersburg, MD
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